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We Deliver Beautiful Experiences for you. Grow your business by taking it online with Professional Website Design services designed with the needs of a Kenyan biashara in mind.

Starting at
KSh 65,600/one time fee

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What we Deliver | The Right First Impression for Your Business

There are hundreds of thousands of people browsing the internet every day and some of those are looking for your products and services. Get discovered by your clients by getting a website for your business or organization.

Latest Design Technologies

We use the latest design technology and trends to ensure your website stays modern and up to date.

Easy to Update Website

We build many of our websites using WordPress. An easy to manage framework for anyone with basic computer Knowledge.

Free Domain Name & Hosting

Your Website will come with a free domain name, free Web Hosting and Professional emails for One Year.

24/7 Dedicated Phone Support

We will walk with you on every step of the way. This includes providing you support after the website design process is complete.

Custom Online Shops

If you sell physical or digital products, your website will automate processes like mobile payments, invoicing etc.


Before rolling out the website or software, we undertake a rigorous security audit and strengthen the weakest links. The result is a software guaranteed to withstand attacks

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Software Development Services in Kenya

Over 50 Businesses and Organizations in Kenya trust our Software Development Solutions to power their Business Operations. You are in good hands.

We are aware of the growing significance of technology in our lives. Kenyan Businesses can no longer neglect new software development solutions in order to enhance their business operations.

As professional software developers and website designers in Kenya, we provide the best website design and software development services to suit our customers’ business requirements. We take pride in having a dedicated and highly experienced team


Our Customized Software Design Solutions Include..

POS Systems

Desktop Software Design

Creative Web-Based Software Development

Mobile Applications Development

Helpdesk Software Development

Inventory Management Systems

Mobile App Development In Kenya

Google Playstore, Apple Appstore.

Let's face it. Most if not all purchases as well as website traffic targeting consumers is accessed through a mobile device. We develop Mobile Applications in Kenya for various Software Solutions and Systems such as School and E-Learning Applications making it easy for you to target your audience better while ensuring your brand is recognized at all times and through all access media. The systems are developed to simple and easy to access anywhere in real time at the user's comfort.



We take a look at all aspects of the Software Design Problem, have a discussion with you, our client on how you would love it tackled


Our Software Developers, design the schemas, test the pseudo on a whiteboard, go through the rigorous design process before turning the idea into code


After our thorough stages of Security and Stress Testing, we invite our client to test functionality of the Software Developed before the it is handed over.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are committed to excellence. Here are a few of the questions clients ask about website design in Kenya.

When the web design process is complete, we will upload all the website files on your web hosting account and you will have full control of all aspects of the website. In addition to the website, at your request, we can create a short video demonstrating how to make changes to the website and and change elements like pictures etc.

This is usually determined by how much content you have and the number of pages we will be building. However, the average turn around time is about 2 weeks from the time we receive content to the time the website is launched. This usually takes into consideration the time it will take to do revisions and initiate the launch sequence after we have received a go-ahead to launch. The time it takes to get the first preview can be as low as 5 days.

You will make an initial payment of 75% of the website value before we can begin the development process. Once we have designed the website and all the changes are done according to your specifications, you will be required to clear the balance before the website is launched.

Once we have issued the first preview, You will have 3 days to make all the changes you need on the website after which we will be able to proceed with the launch. You can issue as many changes as you deem necessary but the restriction will be on the number of days available to make the changes. This will allow us to keep our promise of delivering the website within the deadline agreed upon.

Once you pay, we will start the process of organizing your content and planning the design of your website. In case we have any questions, We will reach out to you to ask and clarify in order to give you the website you had envisioned. After we have gained a full understanding of the kind of website you are looking for, our design team will embark on designing your website by first creating a high fidelity mock-up of the website for your review. After approval from you, we will then start working on the actual website that will result in a complete website ready for launch after your approval.

To begin the web design process, we require a number of things from you:

  • Your Logo in Vector format or high quality png.
  • Photos that you would like us to use on your website.
  • Text for each of the pages we will be building
  • The colors and fonts you would like to use on your website.
  • At least 3 website you like and the reasons why you like them.
  • The navigation structure of the website.

All our websites are created with search engines in mind, and all designs are compliant with search engine guidelines. It is a good idea for your website to be re-evaluated from time to time as search engines do alter their rules and algorithms. A website usually takes about 6 months to reach the top of the search engine rankings for a particular set of keywords once it’s published. The quality of the content will greatly determine if the website will be able to rank in the first place.

A website allows you to have robust online visibility which will allow your organization to be noticed more easily online. This has the potential to open up new markets to you and enable you to trade and do business more seamlessly with the global market. You will also be providing your clients with an easy way to reach you no matter where they are. You can keep them updated with the latest from your business or organization and create long term value to them.

The cost of building your website is one time and once you have paid the full agreed amount, you will only need to make payments for web hosting which is a separate service.

Once the website is launched on your domain name, we will hand over full access of the website to you. You will have full access and control of the website and can perform the changes you deem necessary. If you would like us to perform any updates or edits to the website, we will need you to provide us with the login credentials since we will not have direct access.

Yes. Most of the websites we create are highly editable by a person who has a basic understanding of computers. You will need to have a computer and an internet connection but as long as you understand basic computing concepts, you would be OK editing the website yourself. However, we will also provide (upon request by you) a video giving a basic walk through on how to edit your website and make basic changes. This will give you the basic knowledge you would need to get started with editing your own website.

The responsibility of performing backups on website rests on you as our client. We will provide you with the options of backing up the website upon your request to get you started. If you don’t have a backup of your website, we do a weekly backup of our websites that overwrite the previous backups.

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