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With the growth in the number of enterprises that require a client-server architecture, the need for a robust and secure Server installation and maintenance services has increased phenomenally.

The servers are the most critical part of businesses and their performance is essential towards any business productivity. Managing servers and configuration is a time consuming activity. They need to be fast and secure.

Geek's Corner Solutions provides server installation and maintenance services in Kenya. This server service includes server monitoring, generating reports on hardware and resource usage, hardware repair, operating system patch monitoring.

Review and Consultation

We set up an appointment with your team so that we can discuss your IT infrastructure needs and understand how best to deliver the service.

Planning & Setup

We plan and set up the server and all the required systems to ensure optimal operations once we begin the administration services

Application Software Installation

We set up all the necessary applications and software’s that are required for the full function of the server. We ensure optimal operations of the software resources.

Repair and Maintenance

We set up an appointment with your team so that we can discuss your service needs and understand how and when best to do maintenance.

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We are experts in Mobile Application Development and Software Development in Kenya.

Geek’s Corner Solutions will help you take crucial steps today towards a more manageable, efficient and agile IT environment.

Protect your data & systems with our tailor-made Cyber Security Solutions in Kenya.

Windows and Linux Servers

Our team of IT infrastructure experts provide solutions for both Linux based servers and also windows based server Operating systems.

We configure the server based on your requirement with fully assembled features. We’ll customize and setup the hardware according to your specifications and test all installed components.

We’re aware of the challenges that come as a result of server failure or down time. Your server keeps all sections and departments of your business as well as resources connected and running seamlessly.

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