ICT Infrastructure, Support & maintenance services

We are a leading ICT organization providing ICT services in Nairobi for all sizes of organization with cutting-edge ICT Services in Kenya. We pride ourselves with assisting organizations in using modern technology solutions with a close relationship and continued personal interaction between our staff and the client.

ICT Support Desk

At Geek’s Corner Solutions, we have an online support desk that makes it easier for us to serve our clients better. Our technicians are available 24/7 to sort out any requests raised as tickets on our portal. www.support.geekscorner.co.ke

Computer Repair

We offer Computer Support and Repair Services in Kenya. Our services cover both corporate and individual computer support and repair services. Just log in to our portal, let us know what assistance you need, we will pick and drop your repaired Device.

Printer Repair

We Service and Repair Printers and Photocopier Machines. Our technicians can provide both on-site, and home-based printer repair services.

Software Provisioning

We fully service your software and Operating Systems by offering our software provisioning services. we ensure your software is running every current update available.

Preventive Maintenance

Buy Computer hardware. Fix before failure. Maintain comfort & safety. you don’t have to wait until tragedy strikes, we fully do preventive maintenance and detect any faulty or anticipated failure and sort it out before it strikes.

Server Maintenance

Running a client server network? worry no more. We fully manage and maintain your server to the optimum functioning state ensuring minimal downtime.

Other Support Duties

This includes troubleshooting and resolving issues related to mail delivery, website access and computer hardware and software problems. This also includes hardware and software installation except in cases where it is a custom software/hardware that can only be installed by the vendor.

Geek’s Corner Solutions has been providing outsourced desktop & hardware accessories, web design & development, IT Consultancy and network management and we currently have partnered and support a number of clients across the country.


Protect your data & systems with our tailor-made Cyber Security Solutions in Kenya

Geek’s Corner Solutions will help you take crucial steps today towards a more manageable, efficient and agile IT environment.

Website design Services in Kenya : Website and Logo design, Corporate Emails, and Search Engine Optimization in Kenya.

Note that:

IT equipment

All IT equipment shall be inspected and repaired on a regular basis, once a month being the recommended interval. Cleaning using the appropriate tools and materials is done during this time.


The Security of all computers and networking devices shall also be inspected onsite once every month.

Remote Support

Remote support shall be available any time. 24/7

All services that are provided under the terms of our agreement are to be performed by properly trained and certified individuals.

Repair Parts:

All parts which are removed from the equipment and replaced shall remain the property of The Client.

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We turn talent puddles into talent pools. We let you think about your business operations as our talented ICT Support team handle the technology aspect of your business. We know Hiring isn’t easy.